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Greetings From The Slumbering Mammoth

February 21, 2012

Greetings. If you’ve nosed around this website previously you may have noticed the flurry of activity has been around on par with that of a slumbering mammoth. This is due in part to myself having the technical nous of a lizard. However the mammoth is starting to stir. Some of my good colleagues have flexed their geek muscles a little (thank you Mark, Chris and Andrew) and this site is now nearly fully operational.

In terms of news I have begun rehearsals for my next opus alongside the red hot Reuben Wills on bass and drum shredder Jared Harrison. We will expand the line up a little on the record but the core will be us three. I have around two cd’s worth of demo’s which we are slowly but surely ploughing through. Some of you may be cheered by the news that I am rediscovering the  joys of torturing my Fender Jazzmaster and these new tunes reflect that, still… ’tis early days.

I’m also donning my producer hat again for the next album by my very talented friend Mark Moldre. Mark is keen on me applying some sandpaper to his tunes so we’ll be getting cracking on that soon. I will report back when there is any further news.

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