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BluebottleKiss For Sale + Other Stuff

April 1, 2012

As many of you may be aware Bluebottle Kiss, the band I led for a couple of lifetimes, has a sprawling often hard to find back catalogue. With some generous help from my good friend Mark I am happy to announce you can pretty much get every one of our releases online now in some format,except our first album which is still being worked on.

The majority of it is now available at Bandcamp. The remaining CDs available on this site we have priced super cheap too, so get the real thing while it exists. Everything is available as a digital download too of course.

Our early releases on the Murmur label which have been long out of print (with the exception of ‘Higher Up The Firetrails’ which is still not up in any format) are now available on iTunes.

Whilst searching through the Non Zero records office for stock I also found another box of ‘The Golden Coach’, my first solo album, which I thought was gone. This is now available on compact disc for just $15 here.

We are in the throes of organising my fourth O.S trip to France and hopefully some other territories in August and working on new material as well.

We are planning on a couple of live shows before we head over. These will be our only shows at these stage locally so watch this space.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


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