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June 29, 2019

Welcome to Winter, in Australia at least. I’ve desisted from sending an update for a while as I’ve been putting together the release of my first official live album. I’m letting all of you know about this first as I’m only putting out 100 copies of this on 12″ vinyl. Each LP will come with a slip case CD and will be lovingly hand numbered and signed by yours truly. The album is called King Hits And Goldfish Memories, it was recorded in one night over two sets at The Camelot Lounge in Marrickville on November 1st 2018. You may well have been there.

These are in manufacture as I type so rather than crowd fund this exercise I am keeping it relatively simple by making it available to be purchased as a pre-sale. The album will ship on August 14th 2019 or earlier if I get it earlier. Your pre-ordering it will of course make the funding of it a possibility and will ensure you don’t miss out given it’s limited availability.
I have made it available in three pre-order packages.
1. LP/CD + Teeshirt (my first ever solo tee designed by me)2. LP/CD + Bedsit LP + Teeshirt3. LP/CD

Go here to pre-order/get details 

I will announce tour dates as soon as I have them all together. They will be happening in late October through until November.
In the short term The Tall Grass (Peter Fenton and myself) play Moshpit, Newtown next week Fri Jul 5th, it’ll be fun. Details here 

If you’re still reading here is a blurb about King Hits And Goldfish Memories –

King Hits And Goldfish Memories is my fifth solo release, and my first ever official live album. If I’m not moving forwards then I at least hope to move sideways in regards to my output. This album is a sideways move – a diversion, a chance to compile and compress my now fairly sizeable catalogue whilst I work out what’s next. On King Hits I take these songs back to where they started – with me, a guitar and my capricious voice.

Some of these are radically reshaped – Monsoon when performed by Infinity Broke is a hypnotic, noisy ten minute beast. The version here is the first time I ever did it solo, it becomes a loose, swamp soaked narrative that surprises even me. Ounce Of Your Cruelty was possibly the closest Bluebottle Kiss ever came to a hit. On this version I’m reminded of it’s conception, of sitting on a bed with a cheap acoustic guitar and writing it in about ten minutes and knowing I didn’t need to spend a minute more.

I love live solo acoustic albums – Townes Van Zant’s Live At The Old Quarter, Neil Young At Massey Hall, Mark Eitzel’s Songs Of Love. I compared these albums to mine sonically when fine tuning the final mixes, this was of course a silly idea. King Hits And Goldfish Memories was recorded at The Camelot Lounge by the front of house engineer on the night, it was mixed by my friend Darren Cross in his lounge room. It’s a casual affair, limited to only 100 copies on vinyl plus an accompanying CD, or in the digital/streaming world. Whether as an introduction or as a bunch of reinterpretations I believe it’s worthy of your ears.

Praise for Bedsit, Jamie Hutchings last solo album

“’Opener Second Winter acts as a good litmus test: if you’re entranced by a seven-minute song that begins with a Kafkaesque short story, then you’re definitely in the headspace for what’s to come. It’s a gorgeously intimate work, with Hutchings’s voice cracking with emotion and blue notes in what sounds like a series of first takes…’”
Andrew P Street, The Australian (Mar 31, 2018)

“’Bedsit is a challenging listen, as fragile and introspective as it is darkly humorous, but those who invest the time in unpacking its intricacies will be richly rewarded.’”
Daniel Johnson, The Courier Mail (May 06, 2018)

“Hutchings has played in several bands of note, to reasonable success – the fierce and flexible Blue Bottle Kiss, Infinity Broke (with Wills, brother Scott Hutchings and BBK member Jared Harrison), The Tall Grass (with Peter Fenton, of Crow) – but to my mind he is at his best in solo mode, and has rarely been better than here.’”
Bernard Zuel, (Apr 24, 2018)

“Bedsit is up there with the best music that Jamie Hutchings has made throughout the many years he has been making music. Despite the sparseness of the backing it’s strangely one of the most accessible and rewarding set of songs we’ve so far heard from this singer-songwriter. “
Malcolm Carter, Penny Black Music UK (Apr 20, 2019)



March 3, 2019

My latest album Bedsit has had some positive reviews in the UK recently. If you’d like to have a guernsey – here’s three recent ones –





I’m heading out for a bunch of shows around NSW and I’ll be taking fellow longtime Sydney based singer/songwriter Darren Cross along with me. You may know him from Gerling and Jep and Dep. Reuben Wills will be joining me on double bass for a few tunes at some of the shows closer to home. Love to see you there. It’s worth getting tickets for the first couple of ticketed shows as they’re very limited capacity.

Thur Mar 7 – Lazy Bones Level One (Marrickville) TICKETS

Fri Mar 8 Disgracelands (Wollongong)  TICKETS

Thur Mar 14 Federal Hotel (Bellingen) FACEBOOK EVENT

Fri Mar 15  Dusty Attic Music Cafe (Lismore) FACEBOOK EVENT

Sat Mar 16 Tapp Bar (Port Macquarie) FACEBOOK EVENT

Sun Mar 17 Flow Bar (Old Bar) FACEBOOK EVENT

April 5th Egg Records (Newtown) – FACEBOOK EVENT

April 6th Hardys Bay Club (Hardys Bay) FACEBOOK EVENT

April 7th Halfback Books (Dee Why) FACEBOOK EVENT


Mark’s new album Fever Dreams is finally finished and I was lucky enough to be involved as producer with a couple of co-writes in there as well. I also played electric guitar and percussion and was joined by Scott Hutchings, Reuben Wills and Adam Lang as Mark’s band. He’ll be crowd funding it’s release soon but in the meantime you can check out this excellent clip by my brother Scott for the first song to be released – Fever Dreams I 


Hop over to and you’ll be able to download the track for free.


February 6, 2019

I’m teaming up with Darren Cross, who I’ve known since the mid nineties when Gerling were on the up and shared the stage with Bluebottle Kiss a number of times. These days Darren performs solo as well as in the duo Jep and Dep. Darren’s latest album is called Peacer whilst mine is called Bedsit. As John and Yoko did their famous Bed In For Peace protest many decades ago we thought we’d have some fun with that…check out the tour poster (courtesy of Mr Cross). Anyway we’re playing all over NSW with some towns I’ve never played before, I’d love to see you there. Here are the dates and ticket/info links:

Jamie Hutchings + Darren Cross – Bedsit For Peacer

Thur Mar 7 – Lazy Bones Level One (Marrickville) tickets

Fri Mar 8 Disgracelands (Wollongong) tickets

Thur Mar 14 Federal Hotel (Bellingen) Facebook Event

Fri Mar 15 Dusty Attic Music Cafe (Lismore) Facebook Event

Sat Mar 16 Tapp Bar (Port Macquarie) Facebook Event

Sun Mar 17 Flow Bar (Old Bar) Facebook Event

April 5th Egg Records (Newtown) – Facebook Event

April 6th Hardys Bay Club (Hardys Bay) Facebook Event

April 7th Halfback Books (Dee Why) Facebook Event

There’s also a lengthy rave about the track December Park from my album Bedsit that has appeared on UK music site Music, Musings and Such. Have a read HERE

Until then



Welcome To 2019

January 7, 2019

Hello friends

It is now the year 2019, welcome.

Here is some latest musical news from me. 


Friday, January 18th – Dog With Two Tails (Dunedin)

Jamie Hutchings + special guest 

Facebook Event 

If you’re over that way I’d love to see you there, or if you can send anyone along to represent you that would also be good. It’s my first and only show in New Zealand.


I’ll be teaming up with Darren Cross of Gerling/Jep and Dep fame for a run of shows throughout a variety of nooks and crannies in N.S.W over March and early April. We’ll have all the dates available soon but in the meantime it wouldn’t be a proper tour if we didn’t play Marrickville. Here’s the details for the first show, there are only 50 tickets available for this very cool little whiskey bar so grab one now. Please note it’s at Level One. 

Thursday, March 7th – Lazy Bones Lounge Level One

Jamie Hutchings + Darren Cross – Bedsit For Peacer Tour


Facebook Event

My latest EP Other Rooms is available digitally and Bedsit is available on LP/CD and digital at on my Bandcampsite

Thanks to all of you that have purchased Bedsit, come to shows recently and shared my tunes via playlists, lists, reviews etc




October 3, 2018

Hello everyone

I hope October proves to be a kind month for you. Here’s my music news.


Other Rooms is a digital EP featuring five songs. Four of them are previously unreleased and were recorded and mixed for the Bedsit album but were culled so as not to turn Bedsit into an elongated oddyssey. I believe they’re all worthy nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who has bought the download so far, it’s available along with all of my other solo releases at Bandcamp. It’s also available on all other digital platforms and streaming services.


These are happening very soon, starting late this month in fact. All three shows will consist of two sets, the first set will mostly be a request-fest. I’m doing my best to work through all of the requests you’ve sent, I’m happy still to receive suggestions although I only have minimum storage space left in my brain. I appreciate all your suggestions and feedback but I also greatly appreciate pre sales as that means I and the venue/s know that you’re indeed coming. Ticket links below.

Melbourne – Oct 27th at LongPlay – TICKETS

Sydney     –   Nov 1st at The Camelot Lounge – TICKETS

Brisbane  –   Nov  2nd at The Junk Bar – TICKETS


We’ve got a show coming up this week with some good friends, a casual Sunday afternoon affair.

Sun Oct 7 at The Union Hotel – JMS Harrison/ Cabin Inn/ The Tall Grass/ Alana Russack





August 29, 2018

Hello everyone

Welcome to September. I returned from France early last month after doing a bunch of shows with Infinity Broke, The Tall Grass   and Mark Moldre. We were there at the behest of the Binic Folk Blues Festival, plus a few other venues. An an amazing time was had courtesy of all of the people at La Nef De Fous, especially Ludo. Mark wrote a tour diary for Doubtful Sounds which sums it up in a very lovely manner. You can read that here.


I will have a new EP out on  Mon Sept 17th called Other Rooms. It will be available digitally, and you’ll be able to download it from my Bandcamp plus all other digital and streaming platforms. Other Rooms features four tracks which were recorded for the Bedsit sessions but couldn’t be squeezed in. Bedsit is still available on CD/LP/Digital here. I’ve got a small of run of shows coming up in honour of all of this which is what I’ll blab about next.


Sun Sept 9 – The People’s Republic of Australasia in Camperdown, email for further details and to confirm attendance – 7:30 pm. This is a fantastic private space, I’ll be talking about and playing my songs solo and it’s entry by donation and BYO.

Careering Through The Bedsit Shows

This will be a last solo run in support of Bedsit and Other Rooms, to make it more appetising for you I’m doing two sets. The first set will be retrospective in nature similar to my Careering Through The Wilderness run a few years back. If there’s an oldie you want to hear (and you’re definitely coming) get in touch, I’ll put it in the hat and hopefully remember how to play it! First in etc… I’d love to see you at one of these shows. A couple of the venues are very limited capacity.

Sat Oct 27 – LongPlay, Melbourne.

Buy tickets here

Facebook event here

Thur Nov 1 – Camelot Lounge, Sydney

Buy tickets here

Facebook event here

Fri Nov 2 – The Junk Bar, Brisbane

Buy tickets here

Facebook event here




July 2, 2018

Hi everyone

Welcome to Winter, where I am anyway. I’ve had a little break as I got hitched and then went to Vietnam so thanks to all the well wishers!

Of course my latest album Bedsit is available, it was recorded and sequenced with vinyl in mind, it’s a single run pressing and I still have stock. Grab one HERE (plus an immediate download), available on CD and digital too.

I hope to do a small solo run later in the year, stay tuned.


The tenth Binic Folk Blues Festival happens from July 27, 28 and 29th of July in the lovely town of Binic in Bretagne in France. I’ve performed at this festival four times so far so this will be my fifth. This time around three of the acts I’m involved with have been asked to perform. Scott and Reuben who play in Infinity Broke also make up the rhythm section of Mark Moldre’s band and will also be stepping in for this role as part of The Tall Grass, so the three of us will be busy bees. We’ll be doing some other dates as well, we’re there for a week. Firstly though we’ll be doing a Sydney show to raise funds and celebrate.


Fri July 13 @ The Factory Floor

Infinity Broke + The Tall Grass + Mark Moldre

8PM $18 pre/$20 at the door



24th July @ Le Galion-Lorient

Infinity Broke + Mark Moldre + The Tall Grass

25th July Place aux Artistes-Saint-Quay Portrieux

Mark Moldre + The Tall Grass

26th July Folks Blues Birthday Party-Binic

Escape-ism + Bench Press + Infinity Broke + Mark Moldre + The Tall Grass

27/28/29th July @ Binic Folks Blues Festival-Binic

27th The Tall Grass + Infinity Broke

28th Infinity Broke-Mark Moldre

29th The Tall Grass-Mark Moldre

For more info on the Binic Folk Blues Festival go to



May 13, 2018


Thanks to all of you who came out to see the Bedsit tour, it was great to play these songs to you and sweet to sell out Sydney and Brisbane. I have some other news but if you wanted to catch up on interviews and reviews I’ve put together a bunch below.


Live performance and interview with Bernard Zuel on The Right Note on Skipi TV. Check it out HERE

Interview with Dave Graney on RRR’s The Banana Lounge. It was a pleasure to talk to Dave who I’m a fan of, we talked regional touring,  unintelligibly strong Australian accents, the trials of learning to surf and my new album Bedsit. Have a listen HERE 

An interview and a couple of live tracks on 2ser’s The Outpost with Vinnie Ramone. Listen in HERE


A thorough 4 star review by Bernard Zuel

A 4 star review for The Music and Doubtful Sounds by the talented Chris Familton

Jamie Hutchings – Bedsit (Andrew P Street for The Age)

A bedsit is a combined bedroom-living room, normally wiht a little gas stove and maybe a sink. It’s barely space enough for one person, and living in one is rarely a sign that one’s life has become a series of triumphs. It’s thus a perfect title for the fifth solo album by Jamie Hutchings, whose songs feature characters in various states of quiet crisis. Opener Second Winter acts as a good litmus test: if you’re entranced by a seven-minute song that begins with a Kafkaesque short story, then you’re definitely in the headspace for what’s to come. It’s a gorgeously intimate work, with Hutchings’s voice cracking with emotion and blue notes in what sounds like a series of first takes. Reuben Wills’s double bass helps to anchor most of the tracks; there’s also the odd, tasteful flourish from guests such as sister Sophie Hutchings on piano and washes of Jay Kong’s violin lines, while Mark Moldre’s keening harmonica cuts across It’s On Me are like grinding train brakes in the distance. It’s also an album anchored in place, especially December Park ’s ominous evocation of a humid Sydney evening: “ And it’s raining jacaranda/The bats seem to beat as one/Hey man what ever happened to you? / I smell a storm’s about to come.” Hutchings is best known as the leader of Bluebottle Kiss, one of Australia’s most frustratingly underrated rock bands, and while it’s hard to imagine Bedsit will reverse his fortunes, it’s nonetheless a rough gem of an album.

JAMIE HUTCHINGS: Bedsit (Daniel Johnson for the Courier Mail)

Ex-Bluebottle Kiss frontman Jamie Hutchings has returned with his first solo album in seven years, and it’s his
starkest release yet. The album begins with Second Winter, which features sparse piano accompaniment and restrained double bass, and despite its seven-minute running time, it doesn’t wear out its welcome. The earnest, wavering vocals and percussive strumming of It’s On Me make it one of the album’s most striking moments, and the languid Walking Dream and comparatively ebullient Here Comes the Frost are also highlights. Bedsit is a challenging listen, as fragile and introspective as it is darkly humorous, but those who invest the time in unpacking its intricacies will be richly rewarded.

So there you go. If you haven’t got the album yet head over to BANDCAMP 


The Binic Folk Blues Festival have invited all three groups to perform at their 10th anniversary of the festival. This takes place in the town of Binic in France and the festival goes from July 27 – 29th. We will be doing some side shows in the area as well, more details on that soon. In the meantime we are going to do a farewell show with all three groups performing and sharing members. The Tall Grass will have Scott and Reuben joining on bass and drums for this show and French run and Mark Moldre‘s, who’s album I’m currently working on, features Scott, Reuben and myself as well as Adam Lang as part of the backing band.

This is the first time Infinity Broke has performed in almost 18 months, hopefully see you there.

Fri July 13th at The Factory Floor
Infinity Broke + The Tall Grass + Mark Moldre


I’ve recently teamed up with Parlour Gigs who facilitate shows in people’s loungeroom. If you’re interested in doing one of these you can apply to host HERE 

That’s about all I can think of for now, thanks for reading




February 12, 2018

My new album Bedsit comes out next month, March 2nd to be precise. You’ll be able to purchase it HERE on limited edition LP/ CD/ digital or you can hunt around for it in a record store as well. I look forward to you hearing it. I’d again like to give a big thank you to all of you who facilitated its release via my Pozible campaign. I’ll be mailing out those packages over the next week or two so you’ll receive it before the official release date.

I’ll preempt these dates by mentioning that if any of you feel like doing a poster run in your town to help promote the below dates I’d be greatly appreciative. You would of course get a door spot and a CD as well as a round of hearty appreciation from yours truly, just let me know and I’ll mail some out.

I’m visiting some far-flung corners on this one, it’s the most inclusive national tour I’ve done for a long while and on most dates I’ll be accompanied by Reuben Wills on double bass. Make sure you come out, if you can purchase a pre-sale ticket (links below for ticketed shows) that would be ace too.

Sat Apr 7th – Four5Nine w/special guests- PERTH, WA


Sun Apr 8th – Mojos w/special guests – FREMANTLE, WA

Facebook Event

Fri Apr 13th – The Yarra w/Laura Macfarlane + Michael Beach – MELBOURNE, VIC


Sat Apr 14th – The Grace Emily w/ Alana Jagt – ADELAIDE, SA


Thur Apr 19th – No 5 Church Street – BELLINGEN, NSW

Facebook Event

Fri Apr 20th – The Junk Bar – BRISBANE, QLD


Sat Apr 21st – Sonic Sherpa Records ( daytime instore) – BRISBANE, QLD

Sat Apr 21st  – The Bison Bar – NAMBOUR QLD


Sun Apr 22nd – Nimbin Bush Theatre – NIMBIN NSW

Facebook Event 

Thur Apr 26th – The Edwards w/ Ben Leece – NEWCASTLE, NSW

Facebook Event

Fri Apr 27th – The Newsagency w/ Sophie Hutchings – SYDNEY, NSW


Sat Apr 28th – Drill Hall Gallery w/ Tom Lyngcoln + Shoeb Ahmad – CANBERRA, ACT

Facebook Event

Sun Apr 29th – Frank’s Wild Years w/ Liz Little Sky – THIRROUL

Facebook Event



Our album Down The Unmarked Road recently made the AMP long list, so nice to get a bit of critical love there. It is of course available HERE on CD and digital. We’ve got a cool little show coming up in Wollongong, details below –

Sat 17th Feb at 6.00 pm – Disgracelands w/ Lax Charisma + Tiny And The Broken Hearts

Facebook Event


November 6, 2017


Thanks to all of you who have got on board, some have pretty much sent money for very little in return which is super generous and appreciated but…there is heaps of stuff on offer, I’ve tried to squeeze my imagination into all sorts of shapes to get something special out to you, and in return finance the pressing and promotion of this album.

It’s going up until November 23rd so plenty of time to have a guernsey. Stuff to check out includes: the original charcoal on paper drawing by Chris McGirr that makes up part of the album artwork (one only), handwritten lyrics (only one left), house shows (go on) etc.

The album will be called Bedsit. At this stage I am doing a very limited vinyl run, probably only around 200 which you can preorder via my Pozible campaign. I’m up to 126 supporters as I type, again, thank you.

More details are HERE


The Tall Grass continues to play regularly which I’m enjoying immensely. It’s a collaboration between myself and Peter Fenton of Crow. Our album Down The Unmarked Road came out in April and you can listen to and purchase it at BANDCAMP  Or visit us on FACEBOOK 

We have these three shows in various formats

Sat Nov 4th Django Bar (Marrickville)

Dusty Ravens (album launch)

The Tall Grass


Sun Nov 3rd The Factory Theatre

Hindsight – A Night For Simon

A tribute to the sadly departed Simon Holmes with all proceeds going to his family

Featuring – Ratcat, Custard, Drop City, Smudge, Ups and Downs, Disneyfist, The Tall Grass and many more


Thur Dec 21st Marrickville Bowling Club

The Gin Club

The Tall Grass