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May 2, 2020

Dear everybody

Welcome to (almost) May. I can’t remember when it was that I last send a newsletter out but haven’t things changed since then? It feels a little trivial to be writing you about whatever music news I have going on, but I shall punish you with it regardless. I do hope that you’re all coping okay with everything.

1. Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share as of tomorrow May 1st from midnight to midnight US time. In other words anything sold on their site/s goes 100% to the artist. I’ll send any physical copies direct from these sites to you. They are:

Jamie Hutchings
Infinity Broke
Bluebottle Kiss
The Tall Grass

2. Anything that is my share from the above sites will go directly into paying for the mixing of Infinity Broke’s third album. It’s recorded already, we did it at the excellent Golden Retriever studios in Marrickville. We’ve been trying to get this album to happen for years, demoing, losing a member, demoing again, lots of behind-the-scenes bubbling away so it’s a great feeling to be on the way to releasing new music again! So please consider buying something. Bedsit (Jamie Hutchings) and Before Before (Infinity Broke) are still available on vinyl, and there’s heaps of stuff on CD. Downloads of course as well.

3. The Tall Grass, my collaboration with Crow frontman Peter Fenton is writing songs again via the inter web. Yes, hard to believe us mature age types would be capable but we haven’t written anything together for a few years now so hopefully this will keep bubbling away as well. We were both very proud of our album ‘Down The Unmarked Road’ so hopefully there will be another. 

4. Unrelated to me in a music sense but in a blood sense my sister Sophie Hutchings has a new album out called ‘Scattered On The Wind’. She needs no promotional help from me as this album is out internationally via Mercury KX records but it’s a huge achievement for her, her music is really surging in popularity and is available on all formats. You can get to it HERE

x JH

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